Wolfenbuettel Research Group for Library, Book and Media History

In 1998 the two Wolfenbuettel research groups for Book History and Library History were united under the name Wolfenbuettel Research Group for Library, Book and Media History in order to better cover the overlapping subjects and to concentrate personal and financial resources. The research group seeks to collaborate with all institutions being engaged in this field of research. Its main objectives lay in interdisciplinary exploring and discussing topics of library development as well as book and media history in connection with intellectual history

Conferences and scholarly meetings are planned by a steering committee whose current members are: Dr. Cornel Dora (St. Gallen), Professor Dr. Christine Haug (München), Dr. Sven Kuttner (München) - Chair -, Professor Dr. Ursula Rautenberg (Erlangen), Professor Dr. Wolfgang Schmitz (Köln), Prof. Dr. Ute Schneider (Mainz),  Professor Dr. Andrea Seidler (Wien), Professor Dr. Carlos Spoerhase (Bielefeld) und der the director of the Herzog August Bibliothek Prof. Dr. Peter Burschel.

The research group holds annual conferences or workshops being part of the scholarly program of the Herzog August Bibliothek. 

committee's office: Dr. Petra Feuerstein-Herz (Herzog August Bibliothek)