Wolfenbüttel Research Group for Medieval Studies

In 1986, Professor Peter Ganz (then resident fellow at Herzog August Bibliothek) initiated the formation of this interdisciplinary research group.

Since 2004 its activities have been coordinated by a steering committee. Currently, under the direction of Peter Schmidt (Heidelberg), members of the committee are Alessandra Beccarisi (Lecce), Carmen Cardelle de Hartmann (Zürich), Martina Giese (Düsseldorf), Sabine Griese (Leipzig), Michael Klaper (Jena), Claudine Moulin (Trier) and Bruno Reudenbach (Hamburg).

In its annual meetings the research group comes together to discuss interdisciplinary questions in the field of medieval studies. One of its main aims is to promote the cataloguing of the library’s medieval manuscripts. Conferences and workshops organized by the committee focus on all aspects of medieval manuscript culture.

2006: Codex und Raum (Codex and space)

2008: Codex im Diskurs (The codex in discurse)

2010: Codex und Geltung (Codex and authority)

2011: Digitalisierung mittelalterlicher Handschriften aus Sicht der Forschung (Positionspapier abgedruckt in ZfdA 114, 2011, S. 416-420, online: http://www.zfda.de/beitrag.php?id=978)

2013 Konsequenzen der Digitalisierung (Consequences of digitization). Programm. Cf. Claudine Moulin in annot@tio: http://annotatio.hypotheses.org/353

2015 (planned): Verweiskulturen (Cultures of referencing)

Library representative: Dr. Christian Heitzmann (Herzog August Bibliothek)