My PhD thesis analyses Hebrew printing in Moravia in the 2nd half of the 18th century. My aim is to place Moravian Hebrew printing in the context of contemporary Hebrew typography and examine how the printing reflected the changes that affected the middle European Jewry at that time. The last third of the 18th century was a time when Jewish communities have started their path towards emancipation. This era, known also as a pre-Haskalah, Jewish Enlightenment, was a period of revolutionary changes in the life of (not only) Moravian Jewry. The evaluation of Hebrew printing in Moravia is important as Hebrew books printed there also reflect these changes. Brno and Mikulov (besides four books printed in Prostejov between 1602-1605) were the only places in Moravia where Hebrew books were printed. My thesis explores some 108 editions of the printing press founded by a convert Franz Joseph Neumann in 1753, later run by his family, and finally in 1797 taken over by Josef Rossmann, who witnessed the business´ decline in 1803.