Feofan Prokopovich and Germany: Religion, Politics and the Early Enlightenment

Ukrainian archbishop Feofan Prokopovich (1681-1736) is well known as a celebrated church reformer, mathematician, astronomer, playwright, chief political ideologist of Peter I and one of the architects of the Romanovs’ nuptial relationship with the House of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel. As a key founder of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, Feofan was also the godfather of Early Enlightenment in the Russian Empire. Despite his fame, many aspects of his bibliography remain unstudied, including his life in and connections to Germany. This study aims to reconstruct the details of Feofan’s sojourn in Saxony in 1701-1704 and his intellectual connections to the Halle-Leipzig-Jena “Enlightenment Triangle [Aufklärungsdreieck]” as a part of the larger comprehensive biographical study of the archbishop.