The Spread of Ancient Greek Culture in Europe through Italian Renaissance Translations: Printed Editions of Historical and Geographical Greek Texts in Translation within the Bibliotheca Augusta

Cecilia Sideri’s main areas of expertise are 15th-16th century translations of Greek texts into Latin and into Italian vernacular, and the history of manuscript production, circulation and private collecting in Renaissance Florence and Rome. In particular, Dr Sideri has been working on the Renaissance reception of Diodorus Siculus and on the activity of Poggio Bracciolini and Cristoforo Landino as translators of Greek works.

At the Herzog August Bibliothek she is exploring the presence, within the collection of printed books put together by Duke August of Brunswick-Lüneburg the Younger (1579-1666), of Ancient historical and geographical Greek texts translated into Latin or into Italian vernacular by Italian authors during the Renaissance.

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