These apartments are generally rented out for a minimum period of 14 days. Alternatively, you can arrange accommodation via the Tourist Information service run by the town of Wolfenbüttel.


This building is located in the ‘library quarter’ and also contains offices for projects and fellowship holders as well as the restoration workshop. The guest apartments are situated in the left wing of the building.

HAB Anreise und Unterbringung Leibnizhaus
Accommodation in the Leibnizhaus

You can find more information on the Leibnizhaus in the ‘Download’ section on the right.


This historic building is situated at the heart of the library quarter and contains a museum about Lessing’s life and work in Wolfenbüttel. The three apartments are reserved primarily for guests of the director.

HAB Anreise und Unterbringung Lessinghaus
Accommodation in the Lessinghaus

You can find more information on the Lessinghaus in the ‘Download’ section on the right.