Personal writings were printed to mark special occasions such as weddings, baptisms, birthdays and deaths as well as professional and academic occasions and anniversaries. Usually published in small editions, these prints seldom found their way into public collections. Today they are rare research sources – for studies on genealogy, personal and regional history and the history of books and literature – since they include many literary contributions alongside biographical information and sermons.

The Greifswald collection mainly relates to individuals from Pomerania. It comprises 171 prints from the 16th century, 5,531 from the 17th century and 2,986 from the 18th century. To date, the collection has not been adequately indexed.

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Funding: Agnes-Lohmann-Stiftung (Emmerthal)
Duration: July 2016 – end of 2021 (renewed annually since 2020)
Project participants: Dr Hartmut Beyer (contact), Christoph Boveland (contact)