Ana Barnes
Wisdom and Folly: Experiencing Aging in the Early Modern German World

Bert Drejer
The Virtues of Local Government: Johannes Althusius (1563-1638) and Contemporary Political Thought in the Holy Roman

Søren Jensen
Nikolaus Selnecker’s Commentary on the Psalms (1563-93)

Wojciech Kordyzon
Polish Translation of Tragedy on Mass (1560) by Bernardino Ochino: Literary and Theological Contexts for the Critical Edition of the Text

Patrick Plaschg
Europavorstellungen und Europakonzepte in der diplomatischen Korrespondenz zur Zeit des Spanischen Erbfolgekrieges

Katharina Rotté (Weimar)
Travertine, the Roman stone: Technical and ideational implications of its use in architecture in Rome from the mid-15th to the early 16th Century

Kate Shore
Reformations across borders: printed German perceptions of the English Reformation 1547-1603

Anna Margaret Steppler
Michael Praetorius, the Organ, and the Possibilities of Instrumental Music

Charlotte Thun-Hohenstein
Symbolic Medicine: Jeremias Drexel, S.J. (1581-1638) and the World of Catholic Healing

Tomás Valle
Confessional Unorthodoxy in Early Modern Lutheran Intellectual Culture (c. 1560-1621)