Within the academic and library science information infrastructure, the manuscript portal will become the primary access point for digital information about book manuscripts in German cultural institutions.

The Herzog August Bibliothek is responsible for defining and maintaining interfaces for data import and export and for formulating edition formats, such as the publication of catalogues. All four institutions, additionally, will be involved in intensive data augmentation and qualification measures.

The Handschriftenportal (Manuscript Portal, HSP) will function as the central German repository for medieval and modern book manuscripts, including related objects such as fragments, scrolls, wax tablets, individual surviving leaves, manuscript-print hybrids and separated bindings. The portal will offer standardised cataloguing data of varying depth in bundled form and unite this data with the digitised manuscripts. New in-depth cataloguing data will be entered into the system by means of a recording tool and interfaces. The digitised manuscripts that have been recorded will be available in local presentations, via links at the very least; however, the aim is to achieve as complete a presentation as possible within the system on the basis of the IIIF standard.

For more information, please visit the project’s research portal.

In cooperation with Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (Berlin State Library), UB Leipzig (Leipzig University Library) and BSB München (Munich’s Bavarian State Library).

PURL: http://diglib.hab.de/?link=098

Funding: DFG
Duration: October 2018 – September 2021
Project participants: Dr Christian Heitzmann (contact), Torsten Schaßan (contact), Marc Schneider (team member), Pia Geißel (research associate)