Wikipedia is a digital encyclopaedia that is available online 24/7 without any restrictions or additional costs. Accordingly, it is frequently the first resource that people consult when looking for information in their everyday lives. In other words: these days, looking something up on Wikipedia has become the obvious thing to do – especially in schools. However, the fact that users can contribute towards this encyclopaedia without proving their competence in a field does lead scholars to question the quality and reliability of the information provided. By taking a constructively critical look at Wikipedia, this seminar aims to show just how useful this online encyclopaedia can actually be, not only as an everyday learning tool for acquiring knowledge in school but also for preparing presentations and doing background reading for research papers.

The two ‘units’ in this seminar aim to teach school students how to recognise Wikipedia’s potential weaknesses and make the most of its specific strengths. The course provides an introduction to the basics as well as a more in-depth exploration that integrates practical examples.

The units generally take approximately 120 minutes each but bespoke arrangements are also possible.