Petrarchan glosses to Terence: Wolfenbüttel, HAB, 56.3.2 Aug. 4º

The glosses that Petrarch used to write in the margins of his manuscripts are of extraordinary value, among many other reasons because they constitute texts that we can consider partially private. My project aims to reconstruct the glosses that were on a Terence that belonged to Petrarch’s library: the codex has not come down to us, but we can try to reconstruct parts of its content through some manuscripts that descend from it. Among these, Wolfenbüttel HAB 56.3.2 Aug. 4º occupies a prominent place; many evidences show that it transmits numerous texts copied from that lost codex, and it expressly declares its provenance: «in exemplari domini Francisci Petrarche ex quo originaliter fuit presens scriptura transunta».ñigoRuizArzalluz