Economy of Charity between Middle and Early Modern Ages: Hospitalia non sunt beneficia

Silvia Di Paolo is Associate Professor of Medieval and Modern Legal History at Roma Tre University Law Department (2022). Her main research interests concern the history of canon law between late Middle Ages and Early Modern Age with a special focus on the administrative dimension of the Western Church and on the influence of ecclesiastical mechanisms on the formation of European Legal Culture. Her research project in HAB deals with “Economy of charity between Middle and Early Modern Ages: Hospitalia non sunt beneficia”. It aims at examining how the European religiosity crisis (XV century) determined a change of competencies in the healthcare field from the medieval Church to the secular authorities; how the Protestantism represented a watershed within the legal regime of hospitals and has contributed to the configuration of the statal role in relief and Health. Answering these queries will allow to highlight the ecclesiastical contribution to the European Legal Culture in the healthcare field.


Prof.ssa SILVIA DI PAOLO - Università Roma Tre (