This talk analyses strategies of confessional ambiguity and affect that were inherent to the career of Philipp Hainhofer, the celebrated Lutheran art agent in Augsburg. It places his career in the context of a pan-European cultural movement of art lovers that emerged during the height of confessionalism. Hainhofer was a new type of merchant-agent who was able to act as a knowledgeable lover of many arts, and who moreover saw it as his mission to spread civilisation and concord in an age of confessional tension. Art lovers endorsed a passionate approach to the discovery of ever greater natural variety and wonder in human arts and crafts. Their exchanges aimed to build civility, trust and beneficial feelings to mediate or overcome political and religious divisions. The movement was built on the idea of an expansive network of brokerage, integrating different parts of Europe into an art market of global reach. Yet, just like Hainhofer, art agents typically served several courts and were renumerated by some of their own confession as secret agents. The talk will focus on Hainhofer´s visit of the bishop of Eichstätt.

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