Early Medieval Priscian Manuscripts as Scholarly Networks: The manuscripts at the Herzog August Bibliothek and their Celtic counterparts


In this project, I focus on the practice of annotating texts – a widespread activity among readers. These annotations, also known as glosses, provide valuable insights into how scholars engaged with texts during the early medieval period. They serve as first-hand evidence of scholarly interactions and the exchange of ideas and languages through parallel transmission across different manuscripts. During my research at the HAB, my primary focus is on studying the glosses found in two early medieval manuscripts: Cod. Guelf. 50 Weiss. and Cod. Guelf. 64 Gud. lat., which transmit annotated versions of Priscian’s Latin grammar “Institutiones Grammaticae”. Through a comparative study I aim to uncover the connections between these glosses and their counterparts in Celtic manuscripts, shedding light on the rich intellectual history of the Middle Ages.