Dr. Ivo Wolsing is a postdoctoral researcher in medieval history at Leiden University. His current research project investigates the Alexandreis, a 10-book epic poem about the life of Alexander the Great by the Latin-French author Walter of Châtillon (ca. 1135-ca.1180). In particular, the project aims to understand the impact of the multilingual literary milieu of twelfth-century Northern France on the poem, as well as its earliest reception. The poem became a school text in the thirteenth century and accumulated a so-called “standard commentary” in many manuscripts. Moreover, the poem was often accompanied by a biography of the poet. The HAB possesses two manuscripts of the Alexandreis, one that represents an early stage of its transmission (Cod. Guelf. 28.1 Aug. 4o) and one that represents a later stage (Cod. Guelf. 38.2 Aug. 4o). By investigating these two manuscripts, their contents, marginalia and codicological makeup, this project aims to get closer to understanding the poem, its author and its reception by successive generations of medieval scholars.