Virtuelles Kupferstichkabinett (

The purpose of the project was to merge in virtual form representative works from the two institutions’ collections of prints, including holdings that were once jointly owned and are now divided between the HAUM and the HAB. The main focus is on prints from before 1800. During the four-year project (2007–2011) some 40,000 graphic sheets were digitised and catalogued in depth. Descriptions of the prints were entered into a database and linked with the digitised versions. They were then made available to users on-line. The formal in-depth cataloguing followed international standards. In addition, all the sheets were classified using Iconclass. They were listed both in a joint internet portal and in the image index of the Bildarchiv Foto Marburg (Foto Marburg Picture Archive).


Funding: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation, DFG)
Duration: 2007 – January 2011
Project participants: Dr Ad Stijnman (team member), Claudia Kleine-Tebbe (team member), Melanie Grimm (team member), Christiane Pagel (team member), Annika Scholz (team member), Jennifer Wilke (team member), Stefanie Buttcher (team member), Dr Christian Heitzmann (contact)