There are currently no guided tours or workshops through the museum rooms, the Lessinghaus and the restoration workshop. Due to construction work in the Bibliotheca Augusta, no new exhibitions will be presented until further notice.


Workshop topics range from the book as a medium of art through natural forms to the phenomenon of portraiture. For example, in the workshop ‘Scribere!’, which accompanied a monographic show by Wolfgang Buchta, up-and-coming authors created their own artist’s book in the form of an accordion-fold. The workshop ‘Ausdrucksvoller Buchdruck’ (Expressive printing) allowed participants to explore the early days of book printing. After a tour of the exhibition Ausdrucksvoll: Streifzüge durch die Buchgeschichte (Full of expression: Forays through the history of printing), participants created movable type with which they printed small ornamented books. In summer, it was off into the great outdoors. Like book artist Odine Lang, participants of the workshop Blätterdruck (Leaf printing) drew their inspiration from shapes and structures in the plant and animal kingdoms. New, creative combinations of leaves, flowers and seed pods found their way into hand-bound books. In the companion workshop to the exhibition Welfen Sammeln Dürer (Guelphs collecting Dürer), the children and teenagers engaged with the topic of the (self-)portrait. For once, selfies were hand-drawn rather than taken with a smartphone.