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    Theatrum Mundi: Leibniz’ Geister

    Ein Interview mit dem Buchkünstler, Maler und Grafiker Kai Pfankuch

    Ein ganz besonderes Unikat erwarb die Herzog August Bibliothek im vergangenen Jahr. Das Künstlerbuch „Theatrum Mundi: Leibniz‘ Geister“ führt Kunst und Wissenschaft zusammen.

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    „The library is the nearest thing to heaven you’ll get.“

    John le Carré and the Herzog August Bibliothek

    When David Cornwell, aka John le Carré, died in December 2020, Britain lost one of its most influential advocates of the German language, German culture and literature and indeed of language learning itself. He often quoted Charlemagne's dictum: "To have another language is to possess a second soul."

    John le Carré steht an einem Pult in der Augusteerhalle
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    Lessing digital

    Eine exemplarische Digitaledition von G.E. Lessings Schriften anhand von „Ernst und Falk”

    Vorbereitend für eine digitale Gesamtausgabe der Schriften Gotthold Ephraim Lessings werden ausgewählte Drucke des Freimaurerdialogs „Ernst und Falk“ in diesem zweijährigen Impulsprojekt ediert und informationstechnologisch aufbereitet. Ziel ist es, eine historisch-kritische Edition zu schaffen, die die komplexe Textgenese und Druckgeschichte möglichst umfassend abbildet und Schnittstellen für vielfältige Textanalysetools bereithält.

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    Wie wird man Bibliothekar*in?

    Ausbildung an der HAB – ein Gespräch mit Dr. Sandra Simon und Dr. Henning Ohst

    „Welche Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten bietet die Herzog August Bibliothek? Wie wird man Bibliothekar*in? Was ist ein Bibliotheksreferendariat und wie läuft so etwas ab?“ Diese und viele weitere Fragen beantworten Sandra Simon und Henning Ohst in dieser Episode von HAB gehört.

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    Michael Praetorius: A Musician in a Time of Change

    Exhibition in Wolfenbüttel’s Hauptkirche Beatae Mariae Virginis

    On the life and work of the Wolfenbüttel court music director Michael Praetorius (1571/72-1621).

    Das Porträt, das Michael Praetorius allen Bänden seiner „Musae Sioniae“ voranstellte  (Regensburg 1605; HAB: 2.5.5 Musica (1))
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    Assets looted by the Nazis among the Herzog August Bibliothek’s acquisitions made between 1933 and 1969

    One of the core tasks of museums, archives and libraries is to conduct research into the provenance and historical ownership of their own collections and holdings.

    Stempel Bibliothek zu Wolfenbüttel
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    HAB gehört

    The podcast of the Herzog August Bibliothek

    The Herzog August Bibliothek has many faces – both literally and figuratively. In HAB gehört we spotlight them, allowing you to take a closer look at the wide range of content HAB has to offer.


Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel

Independent Research Institute for European Cultural History

The Herzog August Bibliothek (HAB) is one of the world's leading research institutions for cultural history. It is the library that provides the basis for this, preserving, cataloguing, expanding and presenting unique holdings. Scholars from all over the world find optimal conditions for their research here.

Head, representatives and committees


The HAB is one of the leading international research centres for the cultural history of the Middle Ages and the early modern period. It is a place of scholarly dialogue and interdisciplinary cooperation.



The collection of manuscripts and books of Duke Augustus the Younger of Brunswick-Lüneburg forms the core of the Wolfenbüttel Research Library, along with a large number of other collections.



With exhibitions, guided tours, workshops, lectures, concerts and readings, the HAB offers a diverse cultural programme.


Current Projects


The historical holdings of the Herzog August Bibliothek form a collection of European culture from the Early Middle Ages to the Enlightenment and beyond that is unique in breadth and depth. Manuscripts, incunabula and prints as well as graphics and paintings, maps and modern artists' books offer a variety of starting points for cataloguing, editing and research projects. The proven hermeneutic approaches of the humanities are complemented and supported by innovative methods of the digital humanities. In addition to publication in print, new forms of digital publishing are being tested to secure the scholarly results.


VD 17

The project is part of a master plan for digitising the VD 17 bibliography, which ...


Fellowship Programmes


The scholarship programme of the Herzog August Bibliothek has existed for over 30 years and offers funding opportunities for applicants at all stages of their academic career, from doctoral candidates to emeritus professors. The core condition for funding, which is discussed in various selection committees, is the centrality of the Wolfenbüttel holdings for the development of the respective project. All programmes are international and interdisciplinary.

Current Exhibitions


Globes and old maps are on permanent display in the museum of the Bibliotheca Augusta. An exhibition on the "Life and Work of Lessing in Wolfenbüttel" is set up in the Lessinghaus. In addition, the HAB regularly presents special exhibitions in which research results and collections are vividly presented and made accessible to the public. Exhibitions of works by modern or contemporary artists, many of whom are also represented in the collection of the Wolfenbüttel Library, are held in the Malerbuchsaal.

Current Publications


Monographs, anthologies, exhibition and collection catalogues contain the results of research and cataloguing at the HAB. The variety of topics is as extensive as the scientific activities of the HAB itself. About 250 titles are currently available.