There are currently no guided tours or workshops through the museum rooms, the Lessinghaus and the restoration workshop. Due to construction work in the Bibliotheca Augusta, no new exhibitions will be presented until further notice.


Restoration workshop

Tours through the restoration workshops in the Leibnizhaus and the Direktorhaus are available twice a year. The HAB’s restorers offer a closer look at their workshop and describe the challenges involved in preserving and restoring valuable historical manuscripts, prints and graphics and in storing, handling, digitising and exhibiting them.


Photo and digitisation workshop

The tour of the photo workshop of the Herzog August Bibliothek takes place twice a year and features highlights such as the use of digital cameras and the workflow of book facsimile production. Members of the workshop explain the equipment and the procedures used in the Wolfenbüttel digital library and also discuss the importance of digitisation in the preservation of our cultural heritage.




Visitors to the house where Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729–1781) once lived will be able to ...