Please make your loan request in writing addressed to Prof. Peter Burschel, the director of the Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel, at least six months before the exhibition opening.

We require the following information in order to process your request:

  • Exhibition title
  • Duration and location of the exhibition
  • Exhibition concept and aims
  • Contact details and contact persons
  • A list of the requested exhibits including shelf mark and page references
  • An explanation of the academic purpose of your request
  • Desired reproductions and questions about publishing permissions
  • Facility report


You will then receive a confirmation of receipt per e-mail. After we have examined your request and the feasibility of exhibiting the object in question, you will receive a letter containing the following information should we approve your request:

  • the Herzog August Bibliothek’s general conditions regarding the transfer of objects for exhibitions (PDF in the ‘Download’ section)
  • a questionnaire pertaining to the conservatory conditions at the exhibition venue (PDF in the ‘Download’ section)
  • a declaration for signature relating to the transfer of loaned objects (PDF in the ‘Download’ section) and
  • a cost estimate


You can find out more about possible costs in our general terms and conditions.

By returning the completed questionnaire regarding the conservatory conditions at the exhibition venue, you are agreeing to assume the costs and accept our terms and conditions. If you meet our requirements, you will receive our loan contract for signature.

Please note:

  • The lending period for our exhibits generally does not exceed three months.
  • We generally do not participate in travelling exhibitions.
  • Unique objects or objects of extremely high value will only be loaned in exceptional cases.
  • Objects which, owing to their poor conservation status, are not transportable or suitable for exhibition are not available for loan.
  • Before an old printed work or manuscript leaves our library, it will be digitised in its entirety at an expense of €0.25 per page, the cost of which is to be assumed by the borrower.
  • In the case of accompanied trips, the first day of the outward and return journey will be charged an amount of €200 per HAB courier in each instance. For each additional day of travel we charge €100. Daily allowances for couriers are not included in these costs.
  • We reserve the right to deny any loan that does not meet with our minimum requirements.
  • We insure our exhibits exclusively with our insurance broker Kuhn & Bülow Versicherungsmakler GmbH, Berlin.