Please contact the information service to order reproductions of holdings from the library – e-mail: ed.ba1712935683h@tfn1712935683uksua1712935683; fax: 05331/808-173.

You can use the order form available from the ‘Download’ section to place an order by post, fax or e-mail. You will find the price list there too. If you order by e-mail without using the form, please don’t forget to add your full name and address.

Our photographic workshop processes orders in three to four weeks on average. For an extra 50% charge you can choose an express service, and your order will be sent out within five working days of it being confirmed.

If you order enlargements, please bear in mind the costs involved in producing the digitised materials.

Pleases note that a handling fee of €6.50 is payable for each order. All orders made directly by e-mail which reach us on the same working day are regarded as a single order.

In the case of orders which come from countries outside Germany, reproductions are only sent once the invoice has been paid in advance.

It is possible to pay by credit card. Please let us know the card number, expiry date (MM/YY), the card verification code (CVC; the three-figure code near the signature strip on the back of the card) and the order or invoice number. You can give us this information on the telephone, by letter or by fax (preferred). For security reasons it is not possible to communicate this information by e-mail.

When ordering complete works, you pay a reduced price per photo, as the digitised materials will subsequently be published in the Wolfenbütteler Digitale Bibliothek (Wolfenbüttel Digital Library) and thus made available for research.

Please note our remarks on digitised materials further down this page.

In the reading room of the Zeughaus you can make your own reproduction of our holdings. You can find out more about this process in the section on Using the library, in-person and inter-library loans.

Should you wish to use the illustrations for a publication, you can find out more on the Publication permissions page about when you need to obtain permission and how you go about this.


No right to return materials

We would like to remind you that customers have absolutely no right to return digital media after delivery and completed orders cannot be cancelled. If you have a legitimate complaint, we would be happy to send you a new copy.


Remarks on digitised materials

Digital materials are sent as image files. For licensing reasons, viewing programmes cannot be supplied along with the materials. Please use one of the standard viewing applications such as iView, ACDSee, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, etc.

For online deliveries the images are ‘zipped’. You have to unzip the zip file using a software for this purpose such as Winzip or pkunzip.

Compressed JPEG scans of around 100 dpi are suitable for most purposes. Some limitations are to be expected when printing these materials. In many cases, especially with large template formats or images with an extremely detailed structure, these JPEGs are insufficient. You can find examples of this in the Wolfenbütteler Digitale Bibliothek. For conservatorial reasons, (double-sided) film is used for the digitisation process wherever possible, and the (one-sided) original is only used when no film is available. Thus, when original material is digitised, the price is twice as high because it is processed on one side only and thus the number of pages is higher; however, the quality of the material you receive is also significantly better.

TIFF digital master files in colour are suitable for virtually all purposes and are generally adequate for publishers as printing templates. The size of files (which can range from some 20 to 45 MB depending on the task) may create technical issues subject to the performance of your computer. Sufficient RAM and a fast processor are recommended for looking at and – if required – editing these images. The number of images involved determines whether they are delivered online or as a CD-ROM.


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