The function of introductory academic (propaedeutic) research at the HAB is to consolidate and expand the teaching content; it can form the basis of presentations or be the subject of a Facharbeit (research paper) in the ‘Seminarfach’ class.

In consultation with their teachers, students will be able to access a reserved collection (Handapparat) containing thematically relevant media. Seminar participants will be required to formulate their own research questions and then work on these independently through further research.

The groups of students will be supported and guided by two teachers of German at Gymnasium level as well as a qualified librarian.

The participants will first learn how to handle digital research tools using digital online catalogues and databases, and then they will practise extracting material, citing sources and creating bibliographies, while also learning to independently organise the work project in a team and present the results. The idea is that having direct contact with old books and writings made from a wide range of materials will promote pleasure in reading and encourage students to work with various means of storing information, both old and new. For younger students, experiencing old books in terms of what they touch and what they see is particularly impressive, enabling them to comprehend what is special about books in a world that is so heavily influenced by the digital realm.

Tours around the library museum and the Lessinghaus are generally part of the seminars, and it is possible to integrate particularly notable old holdings into these. Since the introduction of a centrally run Abitur in Lower Saxony, seminars on lesson content with a focus on the German exam have evolved on an ongoing basis. Requests for specific topics can be taken into account if appropriate notice is given. You can find an overview of thematic examples in the ‘Download’ section.