When acquiring research literature in all historical disciplines, its relatedness to the Middle Ages and early modern period is of crucial importance. However, within narrow limits, the research literature of the 19th and 20th centuries and the present, too, is also taken into account. In essence, the most comprehensive approach possible is taken when acquiring literature relating to library holdings and collections as well as state and regional history.

Is there a piece of research literature that you would like to access but is not part of our holdings? Please let us know what works you would like us to acquire by sending a mail to ed.ba1712932847h@gnu1712932847brewr1712932847e1712932847/">ed.ba1712932847h@gnu1712932847brewr1712932847e1712932847, including the author’s name, the title, the ISBN and your user number. Would you like the work to be reserved for you as soon as it is available? If so, please add the note ‘Vormerkung gewünscht’ (Reservation requested).