We offer introductory courses called ‘Wege zur Facharbeit’ (Approaching a Research Paper), which are aimed, in particular, at upper-school students in the ‘Seminarfach’ class and last a minimum of two 45-minute lessons.

The course will cover the practical aspects of using a research library; participants will first learn how to conduct research using online catalogues and databases, evaluate print and digital media, produce bibliographies, etc. and can then practise their newfound skills.

Exam preparation materials for elective Abitur modules for German are available at a clearly marked location in the Zeughaus. There is also a selection of appropriate materials for upper-school classes focusing on politics/history and religion/ethics. These materials are for reference use only in order to ensure that they remain accessible to everybody. Users can save copies free of charge to their own USB stick at the book scanner in the main Zeughaushalle hall.

During the Zeughaus opening hours, users can also access the reference library to find resources for courses offered in the main ‘qualification phase’ (Qualifikationsstufe) of the Abitur. After purchasing a library card for a one-off fee of €5, users will be able to conduct research and order HAB media online (even from home).

Extensive materials for school students on the theme of information literacy and research papers can be found in the ‘Download’ section.

You can find further information on German as a school subject at Abitur level in Lower Saxony here.