The historical holdings of the Herzog August Bibliothek form a collection of European Culture from the early Middle Ages to the enlightenment and beyond that is unique in breadth and depth. Manuscripts, incunabula and prints as well as graphic art and paintings, maps and modern artists' books offer diverse starting points for cataloguing, editing and research projects. The proven hermeneutic approaches of the humanities are complemented and supported by innovative methods of the digital humanities.

Research data

Research data are the basis of scientific work. In order to promote good scientific practice, the Herzog August Bibliothek has taken on the task of archiving them and keeping them available and usable over a longer period of time. Guidelines provide staff with reliable orientation in the fulfilment of these tasks.


Bei der Planung, Durchführung und Dokumentation von wissenschaftlichen Vorhaben entstehen Forschungsdaten. Die Herzog August Bibliothek… ...