The current digital revolution gives us instruments with which to reassemble this valuable literary heritage and make it accessible for the first time. This will serve to promote new forms of scholarly cooperation. The goals of the project were thus as follows:

  1. To re-evaluate the res publica litterarum (Republic of Letters) in European culture
  2. To coordinate the intensive discussion among library, archive and IT infrastructure professionals that is a prerequisite for planning a modern digital system by amassing a European pool of highly granular data on the res publica litterarum
  3. To develop tools to navigate, analyse and visualise this large pool of data, thereby facilitating new forms of international and interdisciplinary cooperation with a view to creating a new, virtual res publica litterarum
  4. To develop experimental user scenarios for this system in order to familiarise a wider public with innovative technology and research on this key period in the cultural and intellectual integration of Europe


As a consortium partner, the Herzog August Bibliothek was responsible for Working Group 5 ‘Data Exchange and Strategic Planning’. For further information please visit the project website.



Funding: European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)
Duration: April 2014 – April 2018
Project participant: Andrea Opitz