The manuscripts will be catalogued in depth according to DFG standards. The catalogue entries will be compiled in XML format in accordance with TEI-P5 and published online in advance.

The current phase of the project will involve the cataloguing of 90 manuscripts from the section of shelf marks running from Cod. Guelf. 616 to 930 Helmst. The majority of the mainly Latin codices originate from monasteries in Lower Saxony and entered the collection in the 16th century in the course of the Reformation. The Protestant church historian Matthias Flacius Illyricus (1520–1575) acquired around 15 volumes for his library, which came to Wolfenbüttel in 1597.

During the first three phases of the project, over 450 medieval Helmstedt manuscripts from Cod. Guelf. 1 to 615 Helmst. were furnished with descriptions as were items remaining in the city’s Juleum building. The first volume of the printed catalogue was published in 2012, the second and third will be published in 2019.

You can find further information on the project here in the manuscript database of the HAB.

This project forms part of the HAB’s research focus on the history of the university of Helmstedt. You can find other projects on this subject here:



Funding: DFG
Duration: January 2018 – December 2020
Project participant: Dr Bertram Lesser (team member)