Focusing on the periodical as one of the central media for enlightened discourse, the project set out to compile a retrospective bibliography of musical writings in 18th-century periodicals and to catalogue their content in depth.

The main emphasis was placed on periodicals published between 1688 and 1798 in northern and central Germany. The writings were catalogued in depth using a series of keywords denoting content, persons and geographical locations.

Funding: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation, DFG)
Project participants: Prof. Laurenz Lütteken (Zurich), Dr Karsten Mackensen, Dr Gudula Schütz


Publications from the project:

  • Lütteken, Laurenz, Gudula Schütz and Karsten Mackensen, eds. Die Musik in den Zeitschriften des 18. Jahrhunderts: Eine Bibliographie. With a database on CD-ROM. Kassel 2004.