The main purpose of this project is to establish a new focus for the collections at the Herzog August Bibliothek (HAB) by examining how changing attitudes to research on cultural transfer have led to numerous new theoretical approaches, research plans, case studies and overviews. These have hitherto been looked at in terms of the classical boundaries between disciplines, an approach which has proven inadequate for the kinds of acquisitions made by libraries. Over the course of the project, the aim is to comprehensively and systematically cover a wealth of international research literature in the fields of cultural transfer and links between cultures. This will be supplemented by antiquarian acquisitions that will augment the plethora of relevant old holdings in the HAB.

A subject-specific portal will be set up as a tool to facilitate the documentation process. In addition to information and a list of links, this will contain a partial online catalogue (OPAC) of the research literature acquired during the project and identified in the holdings, along with defined groups of sources for cultural transfer. Systematic research on these holdings will be aided by the sophisticated in-depth cataloguing of the works.

Click here for the online portal.


Funding: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation, DFG)
Project participants: Nadine Ratz (team member), Moritz Schiekirka (student assistant)