The significance of Anglo-German relations from the eighteenth century onwards, when the Hanoverian dynasty began their rule in Great Britain, is well documented. My project investigates the lesser known links between Britain and Germany in the preceding period, focusing on Wolfenbüttel as a surprising but key centre of early Anglo-German interactions. I explore these interactions in the context of religious, political, and economic history, taking into account a full variety of agents in the networks spanning London-Edinburgh-Wolfenbüttel, including members of the royal and ducal families, ambassadors, visiting actors and musicians, and court personnel. I am specifically interested in the female agents who are often invisible in the existing historiography, such as Elisabeth von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (1573-1626), whose sister Anna was the wife of King James VI and I. My research will shed light on the function of literature and culture in early modern society, and will point up the rich and complex history of two nations now increasingly divided by Brexit.