Dr. Martina Kastnerová works as an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic. Her major interests relate to the Sidney circle and genesis of Philip Sidneyʼs poetic project on the basis of their communication with intellectuals on the continent. Her project in HAB Wolfenbüttel is dedicated to Sidneyʼs inspiration in continental emblem books and on the translation of the Latin oration ORATIO DE HUSSITICIS MOTIBUS (A Speech on the Hussite Movement) by Michal Slavata (c. 1554–post-1577), Baron of Chlum and Koschumberg, which he gave in 1571 as a rector in Wittenberg, and accompanying study on the connection between Philip Sidney, Hubert Languet, and the Slavatas family in the context of politico-religious tensions of their age and Michal Slavataʼs importance for the Sidney circle and Philip Sidney himself.

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