Exhibition catalogues and Wolfenbütteler Hefte

The exhibition catalogues and the "Wolfenbütteler Hefte" are aimed at an interested public who are interested in in-depth questions. The richly illustrated catalogues provide visitors with further information on the subject areas, the theses and the exhibits of the respective exhibition. The "Wolfenbütteler Hefte" offer an insight into the rich holdings of the HAB and the ideas developed here with lectures, small studies or presentations.

Research series

The research series collect research results in monographic form and the results of conferences and working meetings, most of which have taken place at the HAB or are connected with it in terms of the questions posed or its holdings. In future, new publications will primarily appear in the series "Wolfenbütteler Forschungen", but the titles of the previous series will continue to be available.


Das Eigene und das Andere in enzyklopädischen Lexika des langen 18. Jahrhunderts


Journals and individual publications

In cooperation with the working groups for Renaissance research, for Baroque research and for library, book and media history based at the HAB, various journals are published which are not only intended for members. In addition, there are the “Wolfenbütteler Beiträge” up to 2009, whose topics are closely related to the holdings and the HAB, as well as the “Wolfenbütteler Bibliotheks-Informationen” with short reports on all aspects of the HAB up to 2015. Some of the seminar projects of the Wolfenbüttel student seminars are published as thematic booklets.